Vote Event

This month we have Vote Reward event added.

1 - Best month voter will receive Test GM
2 - Pro set on his choice.
3 - Killer set on his choice.
4 - 10000 MP
5 - 5000 MP

Votes are reseted. Prizes will be added in 1 june.



If there will be voters with same vote count - GM or Sets will be played in event between these players.

2023-05-02 09:36

New Sets

In our server are added 3 new sets.

Warrior -

Red Dragon


To make them work need autoupdate client with our Launcher. Just open Launcher.exe and press Game Start - it will make update.

If somehow Launcher don't work,redownload client from our Download page.


2023-01-17 22:03

NON PVP Server

Base Information:

Exp - 9999x
Drop - 100%
PPL - 5/7/7/7
Offattack exp - 2200x (VIP: 2600)
Auto Reset Exp - 2500x (VIP:3000)
ML Exp - 20x
Max IP connection - 3
Max Player count - 120

Max attack time - 2 days (2880min) after that need to relog
Max offhelper time - 2 days (2880min) after that need to relog

ON PVP Server /offattack and offline MuHelper don't work.

2022-12-09 11:26

Server Grand Opening

Base Information:

Server Version: Season 6 Ep17 ( MuEmu/Louis v31 update)

Drop: 80%
PPL: 5/7/7/7
Maximal Level: 400
Maximal Stats: 32767
Max Ip Connection: 3
CashShop: Disabled


In website: Game panel

In game: /reset or /reset auto
Stats: Stay
Skills: Stay
Items: Stay
Stay on Spot: ON
Auto Res Exp: 3500x
Maximal Reset: 10000

Grand Reset

Require: 60 resets
In website: Game Panel

Stats: Stay
Items: Stay
Skills: Stay
Reward: 5000 credits
Maximal Grand Reset: 10000
Bonus after making GR: +200 Max HP after each Grand Reset (Maximal Bonus (500GR) = +100 000 HP)

Master Level settings/Offattack 

Maximal ML: 400

Points per level: 1
Master Level Exp: 20x
Reset Master Lvl: In website - Game Panel


Max Attack time: 7200min ( 120 hours) After that Account is disconnected and need to log again
Offattack Exp: 2200x

IP connections

Maximal IP connections are 3. We don't recommend play more than 2 accounts same time. If player manage all 3 connections next connection to the GameServer will receive Disconnect.


/addstr - Add strenght

/addagi - Add agility
/addvit - Add health
/addene - Add energy
/addcmd - Add command
/re (On / Off / Auto) - Show/Hide/Automatical request approval.
/evo - Evolve to 2nd class and 3rd class
/post - Post in Global chat
/reset - Reset your character (400lvl)
/reset auto - Automatic reset of your character. Character can stay in spot
/reset auto 32700 32700 32700 32700 - Adding points automatic after every reset
/attack - Start attack
/offattack - Start offattack ( After writting command character get disconnect and  starts off leveling)
/zen 2000000000 - Add max zen to your character
/pkclear - Remove PK level
/bau 1/2 - Add extra vault to your account
/clearinv - Clear your character inventory
/marry - Marry your character
/readd - Re add your character stats
/store - Open custom store
/offstore - Open custom offline store
/war - Start guild war
/soccer - Start battle soccer with other guild
/pack - Pack your Jewels ( 10/20/30...)
/unpack - Unpack your Jewels (10/20/30)


Starting bonus 1000 points for every class !



Vote Reward

Can vote and earn credits every 12 hours. Reward - Credits. Credits can use in Webshop/Market. Or exchange to Mpoints. Exchange rate 100:1. For Example: Per 1000 credits exchange player receives 10 Mpoints. Mpoints can be used on buying Master Level/VIP/Donation Items.


Maximal EXC Options: 6
Maximal Socket Options: 5(ONLY EMPTY SOCKET)
Maximal item level: +15
Maximal additional option: +28 (7% HP recovery)
Currency: Credits
Mpoints can't be used


Credits - Can be used in Webshop/Market. Can be earned in Vote Reward. In Market - Adding/Selling items. By Making Grand Reset. Can be exchanged to Mpoints. Rate 100:1. For 1000 credits player receives 10 Mpoints.

Mpoints - Main Currency of the server. Can be earned by Donation or Exchanging Credits ( Rate 100:1). Can be earned in Achievement System.Can be earned in server Events. Can't be earned by selling items in Market. Can't be exchanged with Goblin Points.

For Mpoints can buy:

Master Level 
Donation Items

Goblin Points - Ingame currency. Can be earned by taking ingame Events. Killing Boss mobs like - Kundun,Selupan,Medusa,Balgass. Killing Invasion Boss - Skeleton/White Wizard.

For Gpoints can buy:

SD/Large Complex Potions

Buffs/ingame new Pets
New type Jewels

Achievement system - Get rewards for playing!

With achievement system you can earn Mpoints with almost everything you do in game and website. Also it has Ranking system and different Laurels. Here is some examples for what you get rewarded for:

+Reaching specific stats,
+Reaching first reset and resets after,
+Vote reward usage,
+Market item selling,
+Market item buying,
+Friend invite,

Boss/Event Drops

Blood Castle:
 (Any level) Jewel of Guardian/Harmony. Event works every 3 hours.GP reward - 10 points
Devil Square: (Master level) Gemstone Drop. 2 items with socket slot. Event works every 3h.  GP Reward - 10 points
Chaos Castle:  Drops 3 items. Jewel of Guardian/Harmony. Event works every 4h. GP Reward - 10 points
Illusion Temple: Disabled
Castle Siege: Every Saturday in 20:00 Gmt+2. Best Guild receive MPoints award: 500 for every member
Crywolf Event (Balgass): Drops 4 lvl wings. 3 Items with socket slots. Event works 4 times a day. Every 6h. GP Reward - 40 points.
Kundun Boss: Drops 3 items Ancient. Respawn time 12h in Kalima. Available Kundun invasion every 6h. Mob hp - 1,000,000. GP Reward - 15 points
Selupan: Last set drop. Drops 2 items + 5 socket free. Respawn every 12h. Mob HP - 2,200,000. Gp Reward - 30 points
Erohim: Drop 2 items. Shields or 3lvl Wings. Respawn time 12h in Land of Trials. Mob HP - 1000000.GP Reward - 30 points
Nightmare(Kanturu event): Last set drop. Event works every 12h. GP Reward - 40
White wizard:  Pentas(high chance), Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia. GP Reward - 15
Skeleton King:  Penta,  Gemstone - Every 4 hours - Devias, Noria, Lorencia. GP Points Reward - 15
Lucky Coins exchange: Can Receive Harmony bundles,Soul/Bless/Life

Drop Event: Drop event is every Sunday in 16:00 Gmt+2. Can earn full Fo+ 15 items with socket slots. Ancient items/Pets/Weapons. Event time 10min.

Donation Items/VIP

VIP can be bought only for MPoints. Min - 7 days/Max 90 days. More info about VIP here - In Process


Donation items can be bought only for Mpoints. More info about Items here - In Process






2022-11-27 13:05

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